Friday, February 18, 2011

Get to know SMV.

FuturePromotions: How did you get your stage name?
SMV: Well I've always been into sneakers, and i just kept buying and selling, trading. I forget who but someone called me SneakaMan. That stuck, the people can never get my name right, its Vahn, but theyd always call me Vann, so i just put both of them together. SneakaMan Vann or SMV.

FuturePromotions:What motivates you to write a new song?
SMV: My motivation comes primarily from the beat. To me the beat is than just a melody, it almost speak to you ya kno. So with the right beat, it almost tells you what to spit over it. 

FuturePromotions: How long have you been making music?
SMV: I been making music for like 2 years, but ive been rhyming since i was 12 or 13

FuturePromotions:What is your ultimate goal in this industry?
SMV: My ultimate goal is simple, im not in it for money, cars, or w/e, I've always rhymed just to so people can hear what I have to say.  I feel like im doing something special here and people just need to hear it. So the ultimate goal is to have a national or international fan base.

FuturePromotions: What is the most essintial element of your warddrobe?

SMV: KICKS, and maybe the shades, but sneakers for sure. I remember times where i was pressed for real, like everything fresh except my shoes, i just dont feel as confident as i do when i got heat on. > 

FuturePromotions: Does being a rapper help you get girls?

SMV: Ha!...Me and Levi was just talkin' about this but yea I do see a lil more attention from the ladies now that I'm spitn bars. We aint talkin big numbers, but I do well lol.

FuturePromotions: Any last shoutouts?

SMV: Big ups to Creative Avalanche, Emmett, Ricky and Levi for the feature, Future Promotions, JeyRedd-big thanks for the production, Timbo, Dj Kenni Ken, and to all that listen and understand what im tryna do !!

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