Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dirtyhearts Clothing Company.

I recently found a really cool clothing company online called Dirtyhearts. They have some really cool designs with loud colors and creative concepts. Plus very reasonable prices. I ordered these four.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"I need a Doctor" Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey

I Need A Doctor 
Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey

Latest Single Off Dre's New Album. Only Streaming For Now. Download it on Amazon & Itunes on February 1st

Thursday, January 27, 2011

KiD CuDi Announces New Mixtape & Album

KiD CuDi rejoined Twitter earlier today and took no time to reveal some info on his upcoming projects. A new rock album called Wizard, a mixtape called A Man Named Scott and the video for his Man On The Moon II single ‘Maniac’. 

"Pushing for a summer release of the wizard album. i produce and play guitar on everything with my main man @dotdagenius. he’s learnin bass. the maniac film will b released later this year. cage, shia and i really want everything just right, and i need the proper time for scoring. the edit must be epic. wizard is a rock album, no raps, just singing. brand new thing. flavor. dose of dopeness however will be on the wizard album as a bonus jam. bout fuckin time aye. ive been wearin the same jeans for months, and i feel good about that dedication. workin on some jay and ye shit. ima finish up some thangs and then ima chop it up with yall. word :). annnnd officially going ham. oh i forgot the best news ever….. new mixtape “a man named scott”. thats this summah. for all those who fucks with my raps, this is for u since ima be all rocked out with the wizard shit. also its free! yes!"

Freedom Debt Relief

Everyone gets in debt at some point in time. Maybe it is student loans maybe an unexpected accident. There is no magic trick to make debt disappear but there is help.

If you are in debt and need help click here.

Vista Print

In everything you do at some point you are going to need to be able to exchange contact information with someone. You don't want to scribble it over a napkin and look sloppy. Look professional without spending big bucks by using VistaPrint. They have tons of specials and deals so head on over and find out how you can take your game to the next level.


Over 21 (@KMarable703 x @TheOnlyBPalma) just released there new club anthem a self titled track "Over 21." It is definitely a banger and should be on rotation at every club, bar, house party and car stereo in the country. Go listen!!

"Su Woo" The Game feat. Lil Wayne

The Game and Lil Wayne on another track together? This should have been the stuff of legends instead it was an okay song on a very good mix tape. Tell me what you think.

"White Soft Porn" Game feat. Mars, Asher Roth, & Tyga

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD The Game "Purp & Patron" Mixtape

I don't like shopping. It's just such a hassle of getting in your car fighting traffic to the mall standing in line etc... The only thing I really go to the mall for anymore is Auntie Annes pretzels. I have recently discovered online shopping.

One of the sites I have found extremely useful is it is similar to any other shopping site you would find online except they have everything you could ever imagine!

Is available and at a very decent price. Online shopping sites are a dime a dozen but ones that are not frustrating and actually help me save money are very rare.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wiz Khalifa Announces Album Title, Release Date

With close to 5k viewers locked and loaded, Wiz took to Ustream to announce the title and release date for his album. Rolling Papers, March 29th w/ features from Snoop, Too $hort, Curren$y, Rick Ross and more. Look for the artwork and tracklist to hit the internets in two weeks.


Jeedy - H.A.M.[Remix/Full]

A little later than expected, but somethings are definitely worth waiting for. Here is the final cut of Jeedy's remix to H.A.M.. Expect to hear more from this VA up and comer.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Hit Tha Lights" Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne

Cash Money’s UK artist Jay Sean is getting ready to release his Freeze Time album this year, and here is his next single from the album! The track is called “Hit The Lights“, and features Lil Wayne. You can listen and download this song below:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wiz Khalifa - Big Screen

Wiz Khalifa has discovered auto tune for this latest leak. I can honestly see this getting stuck in my head though. Something about the autotune is annoying yet inviting at the same time. What do you think?

Drake To Co-Star In New Al Pacino Film, "Arbitrage"

The Young Money superstar returns to the acting craft this spring.

Hip Hop superstar Drake began his career as a popular television actor on the teen series,Degrassi: The Next Generation. With over a year since his last credited acting role, the Young Money sensation has reportedly signed on to star in Arbitrage, alongside heralded actors Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon and Eva Green. According to The Wrap, the independent film, written and directed by Nicholas Jarecki, follows a powerful executive attempting to sell a company before it's discovered he's guilty of fraud. Production is set to begin this March in New York City.

Can A Drummer Get Some

Travis Barker feat. Swizz Beatz, Game, Lil' Wayne, & Rick Ross

Can a drummer get some? Hell yeah! Here’s the official first single for Travis Barker’s upcoming project,Give The Drummer Some. Those guitar and drum riffs make a great combination, don’t they? Album in stores March 15th.

Wiz Khalifa Will Perform At Heinz Field Before The AFC Championship Game

Wiz Khalifa will do his Pittsburgh anthem, "Black & Yellow", in the team's building this Sunday. Pittsburgh’s favorite son has already given the Steelers and their fans a 2010 rallying cry with his hit “Black & Yellow.” Now the team is showing the young emcee some love by inviting him to be part of this Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. Wiz will perform his hit during the pre-game festivities at Heinz Field. Wiz is also being granted the honor, along with actor and Pittsburgh native Billy Gardell, of leading the Steelers fans in the Terrible Towel Twirl before kickoff.  No doubt this is a tremendous honor for die hard Steelers fan Khalifa. Speaking of “Black & Yellow”, the song is officially a certified smash, resting this week at number 5 on the Billboard charts and having sold over 500,000 copies so far.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gucci Mane Recording a Track With Britney Spears?

Sometimes a rumor is so crazy, bizarre and puzzling that we have to engage with it. The most current one goes a little something like this: Britney Spears is recording a track with Atlanta trap rapper and purveyor of crazy facial tattoos Gucci Mane. This has to be a pipe dream, right? There's no way this could be real.

Well, Gucci's publicist, Kali Bowyer, says it is indeed happening. In an interview with XXL, she revealed that the word-hungry rapper has been recording with both Spears and former Destiny's Child sidekick Kelly Rowland. With legal problems still swirling around him and his associates, Gucci seems to be getting it in these days.

"We've been running around all day," Bowyer said. "We've been shooting a video. And then we'll be shooting another video with Kelly Rowland. Gucci's been working with Britney Spears. All while filming a reality TV show."

Apparently, Mr. Mane and Spears are tracking a remix to her current hit 'Hold It Against Me.' While we're not sure there is much crossover between the artists' fanbases, this could make for an interesting mix. When asked about why he would record with Spears, Gucci gave a response that's both simple and questionable.

"Britney's so icy," he said to Rumor Fix. "I'm going to make her go Brrr."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ruin the Movement

I saw Ruin in concert about a month ago and she completely blew everyones mind. She came out with such energy and passion that everyone in the entire building immediately stood up and crowded the stage. Give her song "Southside Supastar" a listen and tell me what you think.


Raw, intense and bangin' is how twenty-something year-old Brandy Alexander, AKA Ruin of Richmond, VA would like to be acknowledged; ready to show a male-dominated industry that a female emcee deserves respect on the mic. As a veteran in the business Ruin has been grinding it out for years. Now ready to take her rightful place on the thrown as Queen of The South who she was crowned by The Source Magazine. 

Timbaland Thursdays

The 2nd in the Timbaland Thursday downloads is "Round da way Tim." On this track Tim goes solo for a change, lets look briefly at how many solo tracks he's done: This Ain't Nothin' But A B-Party, Oh Timbaland, Ease Off The Liquor, Fair Note, Round Da Way Tim... Any that I missed?

2010/2011 Bataleon Family Re-Edit

Bataleon Snowboards remixes all their heady team footage for one big all-season video. 6 minutes of Triple-Based family edit for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"She Bad" by David Correy feat. Henny

David Correy and Henny Collaborate on a track for the females 

If music player doesn't load follow link to hear full song                  


Wake Graphics

It is almost boat season and if you are like me you want to look good on the water. Now I might not have the fastest boat or the best wakeboarding tricks but I know where to go to look the best.  

Wake Graphics started their business 2.5 years ago. In the last 2.5 years they've been able to establish themselves in the marine and boat wrap business. Tattooing a boat with custom graphics is their speciality, but they also wrap fleets, cars and trucks. They also offer exclusive designs to TigĂ© Wakeboarding boats, but serve clients worldwide from old to new boats. 

If you're interested in seeing more of their portfolio or pics check them out at Follow their tweets or be their friend on facebook to see more on this new company.

Noah-O x BlackFonzarelli present The Rebirth "MCing102" Wed. Jan.26th, 2011

Prepare for over 2 hours of live Hip-Hop with special performances by:
Trew x PR x So !lla x SlickTrick aka Woodson24/7 x Destiny Da Chef x Mr. Spazz x BlackLyric x ArtikPhreeze x   B-Craft x BlackLiq x Tim Porter Conswaggative Ent. x Soulfully Me x SteadyFam & Northern Neck Ent. x Young Rell

The Camel is located at 1621 Broad St.
 across from Lowe's in the VCU area.

For more info contact us on Twitter:
@Noah_O @BlackFonzarelli @ChargedUpEnt @TheRebirthVA

Chris Webby x Henny “Best In The Burbs” Show At Jaxx 1.21.11

Come out January 21st and watch Henny take the stage with Chris Webby for another all age event. Fat Trel will be in the building to perform “Money In The Way” as well as David Correy for his “Red Cups Remix”DJ Robwill be on the 1′s and 2′s, so you know it will be a great show. Tehron Porter, Kwame Darko, BKS, and Sagar Moktan will be opening. Get your tickets now because your not gonna wanna miss this event.  

Buss Dat (feat. Kaluuya) by Segal

Everyone seems to be looking for this song that was featured on Episode 1 of Skins on MTV. I found it and if you would like to download it here is the link.

Charlie Sheen Blew $26K On Hookers In Vegas

When I first read this headline I thought to myself. How the hell can someone spend $26,000 on hookers? Much less a celebrity. Is it that difficult for the star of movies such as "Major League" and the star of the TV series "Two and a Half men" to get laid that he needs to drop enough money to buy a Accord to get some? Here is the full story. Plus a picture of the girls he spent the weekend with. 

"Get paid like a king, get laid like a king. Turns out Charlie Sheen was dropping mad cash on the ladies that entertained him during that Vegas bender earlier this month—or rather, he was dropping mad cash for them. That escort by the name of "Ginger" Charlie e-mailed? According to Radar, She got a whopping $10,000 to spend four hours with Kid Charlemagne—with their sex session starting at 9am Monday the 10th. “Ginger said Charlie was high on cocaine when she got to the room and continued to do drugs in front of her,” says their source. “He was totally out of it and clearly had been partying all night long.” Two other ladies reportedly got $8,000 each for their services earlier in his 3-day weekend, and we’re not even talking about Charlie’s fellow revelers Bree Olson and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Don’t mistake his time with Ginger as just another heartless transaction for the champ. “Charlie told Ginger this wasn’t just a one night stand and that he plans to reconnect with her during the next time he is in Las Vegas,” says Radar’s tattler. “From what she has said, he had a very good time with her and she is just his type.” Wonder if Brooke Mueller’s mom still thinks Charlie will win her daughter back." Source

Dr. Dre to Release Delayed 'Detox' on 4/20

After a decade of promising that his third and final solo album 'Detox' would one day be released, Dr. Dre is ready to unveil the mythical LP. Last night, producer Just Blaze posted a Twitvid while in the studio with the West Coast veteran, who made it clear that 'Detox' would be landing in stores on April 20 -- a nod to 4/20 culture and the title of the album's prequels.

"You know what album's coming out Feb. 15," said Blaze, referring to Saigon's 'The Greatest Story Never Told.' "But then guess what else comes out?" he added, turning the camera over to Dr. Dre. "Pow pow! 4/20, baby! 4/20! I'm comin'!" he said, before Just Blaze signed off. "You might just see a unicorn this year too!"

Though the album has been consistently delayed, 'Detox' seems like it will actually drop given the recent release of the album's single 'Kush,' featuring Akon and Snoop Dogg. While the single and album release date are both nods to marijuana, Dre previously promised that there would not be many references to the green stuff on the album. "This is actually the only type of song with that type of content on it," he explained. And while Dre has previously given solid release dates to fans over the past few years, he topped off 2010 by promising that it would finally reach retail in the first few months of 2011.


I used to buy tons of shirts from but have not found one I like in a long time. Today I logged on and there in the clearance section was a shirt I thoroughly enjoyed. Its called Breaking up is hard to do and was designed by Leon Ryan. Let me know what you guys think. It is only $5 dollars so it is definitely worth the money.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEW MUSIC: K. Marable - H.A.M. (Freestyle)

It's been since Tha Future last released a freestyle for his fans. After some time away working on his new collaborative effort OVER 21, he has decided to keep the freestyles coming while awaiting the completion of his current project. 

"I'm back....but now as myself, K. Marable. Let's keep this movement ALIVE!"

Rising DMV Artist: Fat Trel

Fat Trel is Washington D.C.’s next best rapper to grab the music industry’s attention. His sound is so street, so thug, and too raw. His gritty lyrics are honest, and he successfully delivers gritty, pulverizing flows with no remorse and with no apologies. Many have declared him as, “D.C.’s Gucci Mane,” because of his ability to combine street realities with humor and entertainment. Plus, he owns D.C.’s club scene. A true performer, his demanding stage presence, confidence, and swag define his live performances that set him apart from other artists. In fact, it was this star quality that caused D.C. hip-hop pioneer, Wale, to take notice. Since then, Fat Trel and his personal production and management team the Basshedz have teamed up with Wale and his roster of artists, the Board of Administration*, to refine his skills and spread his buzz. Follow him on twitter @FatTrel

*The Board Administration is a D.C.-based label that counts rapper Wale, Black Cobain, Fat Trel, Mz. Sasha and Tiara Thomas as part of it's roster.

Information obtained from:

David Correy "FOREVER"

David Correy is one of the future superstars from the DMV. He had huge hits with "Red Cups" and "Hottest in my city" but in "Forever" he slows it down a little and has another huge success. 


David Correy doesn't want his fans to shuffle. "If you take someone's iPod, they might have everything from Pink to Maroon 5 to Rihanna, to Justin Timberlake to Kanye West to Carrie Underwood," says David. "I want to embody all those artists in one." Armed with a powerful voice and a passion that knows no borders, this soul singer is poised to become just that – a 21st century global pop-star. 

Gucci Mane And Waka Flocka Shooting Reality TV Show.

Television cameras are set to trail the Gucci Mane along with buddy Waka Flocka for a new reality series.
Gucci and Waka’s team is scheduled to shoot the as of yet titled show’s pilot episode and shop it around to various networks.
"We show everyday life. What we get into in studio and at our shows. We just ordinary people with a crazy Rock 'N' Roll lifestyle," Gucci told told RumorFix.
"Because of the music we make, people think that's what we do all the time -- but we got a real family life. We got heart. We do a lot of things for the community and we love each other," the Atlanta rapper continued. Waka's mother manages both of the rappers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

"H.A.M" (DJ Smiles Remix) -Jeedy

Jeedy of the Hammer Boys just released this song recently. He spits over Kanye/Jay-Z's latest collaboration "H.A.M". Stay tune for more from his upcoming solo project. He can be contacted via Twitter at @GDisJeedy

Machine Gun Kelly

Check out this underground Cleveland rapper. He has two mixtapes currently out that can be found on 

"Exit Row" Wiz Khalifa

New music from Pittsburgh's finest. This song just dropped today and is already on every single hip hop website and blog. This beat was originally used on D-Whys "Party Girls." I personally think it is one of his better songs he has done in a long time. This might be a single off his highly anticipated CD.

SMV Mondays

Another installation of SMV Mondays, find us on twitter @creativedmv and @sneakermanvan

Pilot Creative beats.

My friend recently shared a couple mashups that her and a friend made inspired by watching The Jersey Shore I like them and you may as well. Here they are.
The first one was made by Michelle DiPalma using Logic Pro her inspiration was clubbing and going wild. Check out and coming soon. 
Ben coffinberger made this one he also used logic pro and was inspired by the jersey shore and The Situation
They have started a new division of pilot creative so if you (or anyone) has any new music, is a songwriter or a band we will produce, market and manage to become sucessful and hand over to pilot creative. Contact

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Freeway & Brother Ali - "The Truth"

Brother Ali has been going hard for a long time in the rap game. This is an old song but it goes so hard I had to share it. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Check out TransWorld WAKEBOARDING’s new Facebook page and keep up with the latest super secret caption contests, insider photos and videos exclusively on Facebook, commentary from the pros and much more.

TransWorld Wakeboardings new Facebook page.


I have never heard of The Pre$ident but after watching this video I figure I will be hearing much more music from him soon.

Phil Ade - This Feelin (Official Video)

My man Phil Ade dropped this video yesterday. Sorry I'm late getting it posted. Have a listen as Phil Ade freestyles over Common's "The Corner" produced by Kanye West. 


Surfers in Alaska ride waves for an astonishing five miles

For most surfers, a really long ride might last about 20 seconds and cover 50-60 yards, so imagine the thrill experienced by a group of standup paddlers recently when they rode waves for a distance of nearly five miles -- amid the splendor of the pristine Alaskan wilderness.
The magical event played out on the Turnagain Arm in the Cook Inlet near Girdwood, thanks to a phenomenon called a tidal bore, caused when the leading edge of an incoming tide pushes against an opposing current or the direction of a river. This creates actual tidal waves.

Tidal bores occur in very few places around the world and the Turnagain Arm exhibits a tidal bore only when conditions are right.

Surfers often try to predict when this will happen. They can ride the waves but with traditional surfboards it's difficult to stay on them for the duration, because they can suddenly diminish before building again.

However, the advent of larger standup boards, on which surfers use a paddle for propulsion, has maximized the Turnagain bore experience.

OVER21 feat. Rickie Jacobs - Hold Me Down

Another amazing song by OVER21 feat. Rickie Jacobs. If you want to be in the music video contact me on twitter @RyanFeltman 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Huntington Beach Dancer reaches 11,000 views!!

I filmed this guy dancing to the music in his headphones going all out. I added some music and posted it on it just recently passed 11,000 views!!

Ke$ha Feat. Andre 3000 'Sleazy (Remix)'

Andre 3000 again comes out of nowhere to drop a verse on an R&B Remix.

50 Cent Faces Possible Investigation Over "Pump & Dump" Stock Violation via Twitter.

Rapper 50 Cent may have momentarily gotten $8.7 million richer after encouraging his Twitter followers to invest in a money-losing penny stock, but now the hip hopper may be in big trouble with the Security Exchange Commission.

Last weekend, 50, born Curtis Jackson, reportedly Tweeted to his 3.8 million followers, “You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford” and “They are no joke get in now” about H&H Imports, previously a money-loser with a reported deficit of at least $3.3 million.

Jackson reportedly received 30 million shares of H&H stock in a private placement last October. H&H owns TV Goods, a direct response marketing founded by infomercial guru Kevin Harrington.

H&H closed at 39 cents on Monday, up 29 cents, netting Jackson's shares the aforementioned $8.7 million.

“There are very strict guidelines as to what a person can do in terms of possibly manipulating the value of a stock,” financial expert and 60-Minute Money Workout author Ellie Kay tells FOX411. “I don’t think it would be a huge surprise to anyone if 50 Cent were investigated for what he did.”

On the SEC’s web site, a list for common violations that could lead the government agency to conduct an investigation include “manipulating the market prices of securities.”

When contacted by FOX411, an SEC rep had no comment on whether or not Jackson was under investigation.

"We can neither confirm nor deny" an investigation is taking place, the rep said.

Calls to Jackson's lawyer were not returned.

Later, Jackson apparently back-peddled a bit when he reportedly deleted his original posts and Tweeted, “I own HNHI stock thoughts on it are my opinion. Talk to financial advisor about it.” And “HNHI is the right investment for me it may or may not be right for u! Do ur homework.”

“I think that 50 Cent probably has more attorneys than I have Facebook friends,” laughed Kay. “I would not be surprised if his legal counsel advised him to revise his Tweets.”