Friday, February 18, 2011

Get to know El Angel.

FuturePromotions: Where did you grow up?
El Angel: I was born in West Palm Beach Florida, which a lot of people don't know. I wasn't there for too long though before I went up to New York. I grew up in the Bronx, Grand Concourse and Marcy Pl. So I guess you could say I definitely really knew hood life. Bronx is still one of the few borroughs not being made all nice and pretty haha.

FuturePromotions: What do you do before writing new music?
El Angel: You know this is a question I actually get asked a lot. Really there's not much I do in preparation. I know that's probably not an entertaining answer haha, but honestly all my songs come from feeling and I think that's what makes me produce some of the quality music I have. Everything I do is based on emotion. Even the club tracks I have, I was in that mood. I really think any artist that has some big thing that he or she does before they do music is just craving attention. Music was created on feeling, not on rituals.

FuturePromotions: Describe your pre show routine.
El Angel: Now here I get routine haha. Really my basic thing is not talking much, I have to make sure my voice is saved. I have a bad habit of getting EXTREMELY hyped up during a show so I got to keep my voice intact. Usually I do something that I don't do on an everyday basis and maybe grab a couple cups of warm tea with honey, but my main element that is NECESSARY is the 30 minutes before show time, I find a secluded spot and just listen to my show tracks before I go on. I really have to get in the right attitude and mind set before the show so I know there's no mistakes that are possible. If I don't get this, chances are I won't be in the right state of mind I need to be in to give my audience what they deserve, and that's 200% of me.

FuturePromotions: What inspires you to write your music?
El Angel: To be honest, everything. I'm not like most artists, I listen to EVERY genre of music. Everything from country to gospel to house to hip-hop. I'm even starting to listen to dub-step now and want to do something with it. Like I said before, when I get in that mode, I write, so I could hear a country song and it put me in the mood for writing and I go from there. I also get inspiration from things I see, conversations I have. I pride myself on the creativity I posses and I think that's what causes me to write such a wide variety of things. I've wrote tracks that tell a story of me getting killed, and then right behind it write a hot club track. Whatever happens in the brief period of time before I write is where I draw my inspiration from.

FuturePromotions: How did you get your stage name?
El Angel: This is kind of a funny least to me haha. I actually didn't get the name Angel until I was 16 so around 2004. I've been doing music the last 12 years, so I've gone through a few, from T-MAC, J-Money, J-Dollar, but most recently it was T-MAC, El Angel De La Muerte, El Angel, and Angel for it was a long road to get here haha. I got the name El Angel De La Muerte (The Angel of Death) from my engineer Kay'O, one of the people that really taught me how to do hip-hop (check out his music at I was actually in the middle of a beef with a group in Lynchburg, VA which is the second place I guess you can say I grew up haha. During this beef things got really personal, and the things I was saying in the track Kay'O was like "damn you're really murdering these kids careers" so I said I guess I'm like the angel of death in the rap game, and he just gave me that look and that's when I knew that was me. So it just sort of stuck since then. 

FuturePromotions: When can we expect some new music?
El Angel: I'm actually working on a couple new things right now, so honestly I'm hoping tomorrow haha. I've been slacking a lot lately with the night life job I have...GO TEAM SiNERGY (with MUCH love and respect to Future Promotions)!!! But I'm going to ge tback into the swing of something new every week.

FuturePromotions: Where do you want to be in 5 years?
El Angel: I have a phrase I live by "I'd rather die never known than you every forget my name." So honestly, I just want to know that people have heard, were affected by, and enjoy my music. That's really where I wanna be. Fame and fortune is nice, but honestly, I just want my music to be received the way it was intended in the beginning.

FuturePromotions: Any last shoutouts?
El Angel: Of course my girl Suni that I love and care about. My mom (this is sounding like the grammys haha) but honestly, even though she hates some of my music cause she's kind of old school she still supports me, my little girl Ana Carina who is my inspiration to keep striving to be the best, Future Promotions, my boy Nelson Pratts Jr. AKA Infamus Da Emcee who is CEO of our label Round Table Geniuses for always pushing me to be that much better, all of the Round Table Geniuses Family, my boys at SiNERGY Kia, Jad, Nayef, Josh, Jeff, Omid, Jordyn, Chris, Kyle, Sam, and everyone I'm missing, MUCH LOVE!!! My boy Tre back in the Burg, Mycole AKA DJ Wiz, all of my locs back in Rivermont in Lynchburg one of us is gonna make it haha, and anyone else that I might be missing in this I love you all and I appreciate everything that we've all done and accomplished together.

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