Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get to know Choppa434


FuturePromotions: What do you do before writing new music?
Choppa434: Before I start writing I listen to the beat a few times then I find a topic or however I'm feeling and I write about it. 

FuturePromotions: Describe your pre show routine.
Choppa434: My pre show routine is usually listen to my music just to go over lines, and just chill with my people and get right.

FuturePromotions: What inspires you to write your music?
Choppa434: When my grandmother died i started writin just to vent.
FuturePromotions: How did you get the stage name Choppa434?
Choppa434: I got it from a couple of my people I do music with just from ripping tracks so I just ran with it. 434 is charlottesville area code
FuturePromotions: When can we expect some new music?
Choppa434: Well I just dropped a mix-tape "St.Valentines Day Massacre" on valentines day.There is plenty more to come y'all can expect some around the late spring.

FuturePromotions: Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Choppa434: I wanna be known in my state and world wide I wanna be recognized with some of the best.
FuturePromotions: Any last shoutouts?
Choppa434: I wanna shoutout my moms little brother sis,my homie B-Dub,  Getta, Future Promotion , Over 21, B.Palma, and everybody that support me and good music.

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