Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Security Choice

When I go out shopping for my Valentines day presents for people I know that it is going to be an all day affair. The reason that it is going to take so long is that I have quite a few people that I shop for on a regular basis. However, these people are all very important to me and that typically means that I am going to spend quite a bit of money. The most important gift, though, is for my husband and that is the one that takes me the most time.
However, I know that the mall is going to be the best stop that I have. The reason that I enjoy stopping here is because it is going to allow me to have a wide selection of stores at one stop. Then I can pick out the best item for him from a couple of different stores or from just one of the stores that I love. That is when I know that I can find the best gift for him.
Then when I get home I will be able to come into the house safely because I remembered to set the home security alarm (information). When you live in a rough neighborhood you know that coming home to a safe home that has not been broken into is going to be key.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Help Wings of Apollo score a major tour.

Imagine, looking in the mirror and knowing that you helped your friends achieve their dream with only 10 seconds of your time...
We CAN achieve this aim with your help. All we need you to do is post one of our newly released songs as your profile status ONE TIME at any point during the week of this event!

"That Girl is Beautiful"
"Son of a Gun"

The end goal is for WINGS OF APOLLO to gain enough exposure to be invited on a tour with a major act. This CAN be done! We have posted links that you can copy/paste in your status that will contain the songs along with a slide show of our live performance. So check out "Son of a Gun" and "That Girl is Beautiful" (above), and repost your favorite. That simple!

"All Alone" -Over 21

Over 21 decides to get personal and show there vulnerable side on this record. "All Alone" is a song about relationships gone bad and the issues that couples sometimes go through. 

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