Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eating at your Desk

Contributed by Milford Woods

I logged onto when I was eating lunch the other day. I had been promising my husband that I would look into the price and compare them. We are not allowed to work on personal things at work, so I had to use my lunch time. I packed what I usually do for lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich with Campbell’s tomato soup. I always bring the soups in that are in their own bowl and you just heat up in the microwave. I sat down with my lunch and was eating and surfing. I remembered that I did not get a drink so I ran to the vending machines and got a diet coke. I opened the drink on the walk back to my desk and sat it down. Somehow, my cell phone started ringing and fell out of my purse on the floor. I picked it up and realized that my drink had knocked all over the keyboard! Frantically, I tried to collect my papers and clean everything up. My keyboard started smoking. I am never eating lunch at my desk again.

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